How to make a rustic pallet sign using a vinyl sticker as a reversed stencil and a dry brush painting technique. With this method you apply the vinyl sticker, paint over it, and then peel if off to reveal the wood underneath. Its a very easy method with a very cool result.

Learn how to make this rustic wood pallet home decor.

DIY Pallet Sign Supplies:
Wood pallet sign project supplies.
Here's what you'll need to gather:

1. Apply Vinyl Sticker
These vinyl stickers come with directions on the inside of the label. It is very simple. Rub over the entire image (face up) with an application tool or a credit card, peel off the back, place the vinyl on the pallet and rub over the entire image again, then carefully peel off the top protective sheet.

Adhere vinyl to wood pallet with burnishing tool.

Adhere vinyl to wood pallet.

Firmly rub over the entire image, especially the edges. Paint could bleed under any parts of the vinyl that are not fully adhered.

2. Paint the Pallet
Dry brush painting technique.

Dry brush painting technique on wood pallet.

Use a "dry brush" technique to get a more vintage/rustic look. In the photo you can see that there is hardly any paint on the tip of my bristle brush. You simply do back and forth brushing motions, with very little paint on your brush, leaving some of the wood showing.

Painted over the vinyl sticker.

Dry brush painting technique on wood pallet

2. Peel Off the Vinyl
Carefully peel the vinyl

Carefully peel off the vinyl, peeling 'with' any intricate designs instead of against. It is also helpful to use a pointed object (carefully!) to start peeling the vinyl up, e.g. exacto knife, if it is too hard to get started with your nail.

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