Word Magnet Fun! Simply glue a magnet to the back of a bottle cap or wood letter tile and you've created endless possibilities for learning and fun.

Create complete alphabet sets or just a few words! Word sets make great gifts. Personalize them for a hobbies, themes, family names, holidays, etc. Anyone can join in the fun! There's even a great idea for kids below!


Grab any or all of these supplies before you get started:
  • ½" Magnets
  • E6000 Glue
  • Bottle Caps, Scrabble Tiles, or Letterpress Tiles
  • 1" or ½" Hole punch (for bottle caps)
  • 1" or ½" Epoxy Dots (for bottle caps)
  • 1" or ½" Alphabet Image Sheet (for bottle caps)

Neodymium Magnets, E6000 Glue and Wood Letter Press Tiles

Black Mini Caps, E6000, 1/2" Circle Punch, 1/2" Images, 1/2" Epoxy Dots

How To Tips:

Start by gluing magnets to the back of the tile or bottle cap. I like to put glue on about five at a time then add the magnets and repeat.

TIP: When working with these neodymium magnets here are a few things to remember:
  1. Be careful. They're very strong magnets.
  2. When adding magnets make sure not to place two drying products right next to each other, they will snap together (then you have to pull the gluey magnets apart and it can create a mess)
  3. I recommend adult supervision with kids under 12

The Scrabble style Alphabet Tiles come in packages of 40. If you are a scrabble player, a whole set creates great word fun on the fridge! There are also a lot of words and phrases that could be made with only one package.

Here are some words I made from a package of 40 and two sets of magnets:

What words or phrases can you come up with in a single package of scrabble tiles? Share your creative word themes or ideas in a comment!

Bottle Cap Sets

Bottle cap letter sets require an extra step of gluing the image inside but they are still super easy, especially if you have the round punch, then cutting out the images is a speedy process! The alphabet image sheets include multiples of each letter and sometimes include symbols, add vowels to equal an even number of magnets and bottle caps.

Add inspirational phrases to your fridge.

Leaves messages for your family.

Inspire your kids to learn the alphabet or spelling! Place them lower on the fridge so they are always in reach.

*Remember, small parts! Ages 6+ or younger with adult supervision.

Have some word fun today!!