Letterpress Tiles

Project Supplies

  • E6000 Glue
  • Letterpress tiles
  • Craft frame (or use a frame you already have)
  • Paint (optional)
  • Alcohol Inks (optional)

Letterpress Tiles

Step One

To start I painted my frame a dark color using acrylic paint so that the frame would blend into the background. Make sure and take out any glass and backings before getting started.

Letterpress tiles

Step Two

I laid all the tiles out to figure out what words I wanted/could spell and placed them on the frame. I chose to make the words stand out by dying them with alcohol ink (you can get this in the scrap-booking section at a craft store).

Letterpress Tiles

Step Three

I filled in the rest of the space with random tiles. You can copy the design in the photo or create your own design if you enjoy puzzles!


Don't glue anything down until you have every piece exactly the way you want it.

Letterpress Tiles

Finish Up!

Once it's the way you want lift one piece at a time, applying glue and putting it back in its place. After you have all your pieces glued down you have a unique frame for your home! Wait for it to dry, add a photo, and show it off!

Letterpress Tiles

More Letter Press Tile Inspiration

Reuse, Renew, Repurpose!
Take a frame you already own and add fun words to it for a trendy update!

Letterpress Tiles

Letterpress Tiles

Fun With Kids!

Paint a craft frame with chalkboard paint and let your kids decorate it with their name or other words using the letterpress tiles!

Letterpress Frame

Help them apply alcohol inks to the tiles to add a splash of color to the project! Letterpress Tiles

Then they can write and rewrite their own caption!

Letterpress Tiles

Letterpress Tiles

One More Idea, Couldn't Resist...

Wood Bingo Tiles!
Use the new bingo tiles to decorate a frame with a date or other important numbers OR place them in a decorative jar! Use as a vintage decoration or even use them as a unique reward system for kids! You can also see what they look like colored with alcohol inks in the photo below!

Wood Bingo Tiles