This simple River Rock creature craft makes the perfect activity for a hot or rainy afternoon. It is also a fun and affordable birthday party activity for kids of all ages!

Pink Rock Creature by Gathered

Supplies for Painted Rock Creatures:

Rock Creatures using Gathered Brand River Rocks
Here's what you'll need to gather:


Start by painting the rocks in your favorite colors!

Painted Rock Creatures


For younger kids, try painting the first layer ahead of time for them. Then little kiddos can add a pattern or stickers to make it their own.

Add Googley Eyes

Once the paint dries, glue on googley eyes of different sizes anywhere to the rock.

Turquoise Rock Monster by Gathered

Pink Rock Monster by Gathered


Use the natural features of the rock as facial features! The tiny hole on the rock above makes the perfect little mouth for this silly pink rock creature and the crack in the yellow one below also makes a funny mouth.

Rock Creatures Craft by Gathered

What will your rock creatures look like?

Rock Creatures Craft by Gathered