Bottle Cap Flowers
This "how-to" will show you how to make two different fabric flowers using bottle caps as the base. Create cute, trendy fabric flower necklaces! Give them as gifts, make them with friends, or have a craft time with your kids!

A few tools/ supplies you may need:

Bottle Cap Tools

If you've never used bottle caps in jewelry making, you'll find some helpful information here:


The first flower is a rolled fabric rose attached to a flattened bottle cap!

You will need:

  • One flattened bottle cap (I used the new burlap!)
  • Jump Ring or Split Ring (to make the necklace)
  • A chain (to complete the necklace)
  • A small strip of fabric about "-1.5" wide and 10" long
Bottle Cap Flower


Start with a small dab of glue in the center of the bottle cap. I like to use hot glue because it dries quickly and doesn't soak into the fabric.

Bottle Cap Flower

Roll one end of your fabric to make a pretty center (seen in the photo above) and attach to the center using a small dot of glue.

Bottle Cap Flower

After it dries continue turning/folding (seen in photo above) the fabric strip as you wrap it around the center until you reach the inside edge of the bottle cap. Use small dabs of glue along the way to keep it in place.

To create a finished look, tuck the end of the fabric under and secure with glue.

Don't try to make it perfect. Each flower should be unique!

Punch a hole and attach a jump ring or split ring and you have an adorable pendant ready to attach to any necklace you like!

Bottle Cap Flower

Try using different widths of fabric, the one on the right was made with " wide fabric and the one on the left was made with one that was 1.25" wide. Also try "folding" the fabric rather than "rolling" or "twisting" and it has a totally different look!


The second flower is a fun flower with petals that really pop!

You will need:

  • Standard Bottle Caps (3 to make the necklace)
  • Split Rings or Jump Rings (5 to make the necklace)
  • Small Fabric Circles
  • Chain (to make the necklace)
Bottle Cap Flower


I am going to show you how to make a slightly more complicated necklace using this flower but you can also make a single pendant and use it like we did above in the last necklace!

Start by cutting out your fabric circles, no need to make them perfect. The size of the circles is completely up to you.

Bottle Cap Flower

This photo shows what the different sizes look like in the finished flower. Keep in mind that the larger the circle the less you will need, and the smaller the circle the more you will need.

Fold each circle in half and then in half again, use a dab of glue in the corner to hold them together. They should all look like the ones in the first photo above.

Then start creating your flower using the "petals" you just made. Use dots of glue in the center to attach the petals. I like to start the first row laying down four to look like pieces of pie.

After the first layer, how you arrange the petals is part of the fun. I honestly do it differently every time, it makes the flowers unique and exciting! Simply keep using a dot of glue in the center to add each layer. When you are finished, fluff up your flower (if it isn't already) and you have yourself an adorable fabric flower!

Bottle Cap Flower

If you would like to make a necklace using three of them (like in the photo above) use the hole punch and split rings to attach them to each other and to the chain. Use the photo below as a guide on where to punch holes and attach rings.

Bottle Cap Flower

Be creative!

Here are some more ideas of things you can make using these fabric flowers!

Bottle Cap Flower

This project is kid friendly! Adult supervision is needed. Children may need help cutting out circles, attaching split rings, and gluing (especially if using hot glue).

Bottle Cap Flower Clip

Attach a shoe clip to the back instead of making a pendant and you have a fun accessory to add to flip flops, flats, headbands, or even sweaters!