Metallic gold vinyl is a fun new color to add to your pallet! Especially when it is added to a very contrasting color like black. The possibilities are endless for how you can make this project your own.

Vinyl Pallet: Supplies
Here's what you'll need to gather:

Vinyl Pallet: Step One
Pour your desired paint color in a bowl (if you're painting your surface), and with a clean brush, paint over your surface. Let dry.

For an antiqued look, use a dry brush with your paint applied and brush over your surface with the intention of not providing full coverage of paint. You can also sand your pallet after it's had a chance to dry to take back off paint in the areas of your choosing for an antiqued/weathered look.

Vinyl Pallet: Step Two
Now you can take your vinyl and cut it to fit your specified area. Once you've done that, you can begin peeling the protective backing off and place it onto your project surface.

Once you've taken off the backing of your vinyl to expose the sticky side, you can place the image directly onto your piece and rub it on using a popcicle stick or plastic vinyl tool so that the vinyl adheres completely.

Final Step:
Peel the protective backing off slowly to expose the beautiful vinyl saying that is now ready to display in your home!