Customized vinyl sayings are such a fun way to add that personal touch to your pallet! Especially when you can add your own pictures too.

Vinyl Pallet: Supplies
Here's what you'll need to gather:

Vinyl Pallet: Step One
Line out where you are going to put your vinyl saying, and then peel back the protective backing.

Once you've peeled the vinyl backing off, you can place the image directly onto your piece and rub it on using a popcicle stick or plastic vinyl tool so that the vinyl adheres completely.

Vinyl Pallet: Step Two
Now you can take the remaining protective covering off of your vinyl by slowly peeling it back.

Vinyl Pallet: Step Three
I thought it would be neat to be able to hang some cute family pictures from my pallet. So I'm taking a decorative brad and nailing it onto my board and then doing the same at the opposite end of my board, so that I can run wire around both brads to create a wire to hang my pictures from.

Take your wire and leave about 2 inches on one end with the long end extending out to your other brad/nail. Take the short 2" end and begin to wrap it around the brad/nail and then onto the longer portion of the wire to ensure that the wire will stay in place. Once you've done this on one end, repeat the process on the other end.

Take your scissors and cut the remaining wire.


Now you have a fun wall hanging to add to your favorite space to hold all your cute pictures!