A few bottle cap ornament basics.

Ribbon and Oversize Bottle Caps
Here's a great start for Oversize Bottle Cap Ornaments. Punch a small hole, add a split ring or jump ring and choose your ribbon.

Ribbon and Oversize Bottle Cap Ornaments
Ribbon and Over Size Bottle Cap inspiration.

Clear Epoxy Dots for Bottle Caps
Clear Epoxy Dots are a beautiful way to seal your flat designs.

A whole lot of random bottle cap ornament ideas and inspiration!

Military Photo Jumbo Bottle Cap Ornament
Celebrate with and honor those people you love who serve in the military.

Baseball Photo Scrap Christmas Ornament
Keepsake sports Christmas ornament. Easy to make and fun to take out each year!

Bottle Cap Sparkly Christmas Ornaments
Add some sparkle to your tree!

Baby's first Christmas photo ornament
Make a baby's first Christmas ornament using photos and scrapping suppies.

Silhouette Christmas Ornament
Silhouette Christmas ornaments! Take a profile picture of your loved one, trace the shape, fill it in with black sharpie, put it in an oversized bottle cap ornament. Add some ribbon and you're finished!

Silhouette Christmas ornaments
Close up silhouetter Christmas ornament.

Silhouette Christmas ornaments
Girl silhouette.

Silhouette Christmas ornaments
Boy silhouette.

Jumbo Heart Cap Christmas ornaments by Bottle Cap Inc
Jumbo heart cap Christmas ornament. Use photos or scrap a pretty design.

Silhouette Christmas ornaments
Flattened Bottle Cap gift tags. Easy, colorful, unique!

Jumbo Bottle Cap Photo Christmas Ornaments
Grab some of your favorite photos from the season and make them into Christmas ornaments.

Jumbo Bottle Cap Christmas Ornaments
Print some Christmas designs, cut out some words and adhere them to scrap paper patterns. This makes fun, festive ornament sets. If you'd like to seal up your design use 3D Crystal Lacquer or another liquid sealant for designs with any dimension, or Clear Epoxy Dots for flat designs. (Be careful to use laser printed or copied images when sealing designs with liquid sealers.)

Jumbo Bottle Cap Scrap Paper Christmas Ornaments
There are so many beautiful scrap papers out there, here's another chance to display them in your home!

Jumbo Bottle Cap Scrap Paper Christmas Ornament with sparkly charm
Add a sparkly mini cap charm or bead charm to your design!

Jumbo Bottle Cap Christmas ornament kid's craft
Easy and fun kids craft idea! Add in ideas: magazine cut outs, beads, scrap supplies, penny with that year's date... seal it all up with 3D Crystal Lacquer.

Kids craft Christmas ornaments
WARNING!: Don't use 3D Crystal Lacquer if your child's arwork was created using water based markers. It will cause the design to blur out. Epoxy dots work great when the artwork is flat.

Metal Heart Cap Scrap Paper Photo Christmas Ornament
After the season is over. Grab your favorite photos and make them into ornaments to get out for the next year.
IDEA: Buy 18 hearts and make one each year as your son/daughter grows. Give the set as a present when they graduate from High School.

Jumbo Petal Cap Ornament
Jumbo Petal Cap ornament colored with alcohol ink! Just grab a paint brush or sponge brush and alcohol ink.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Christmas Ornament
Mickey and Minnie Mouse ornament idea. Did you go to Disney this year?!!!!

Wizard of OZ Christmas Ornament
Wizard of Oz ornament idea. I made this out of an old calendar planner book.

Mixed Media Christian Christmas Ornament
Mixed Media Bible verse Christmas ornament.

Mixed Media Ornament
When was your family established?

Pretty Petal Cap Ornament Set
Pretty Petal Cap Ornament Set

Fall Photo Ornament
Why not make and ornament for every season!

Photo Christmas Ornaments with glitter and ribbon
How can you go wrong with glitter and ribbon!!

Football Photo Christmas Ornament
Celebrate your child's sports accomplishments!

Sports Photo Christmas Ornament
More sporty photo Christmas ornaments!

Photo BFF Ornaments
BFF Ornaments!

Photo Ornaments
Can you tell I like photo ornaments?!?

Scrap Paper Christmas Ornaments
Easy scrap paper Christmas Ornaments!

Easy Scrap Paper Christmas Ornaments
Another scrap paper Christmas Ornament.

Sisters photo Christmas Ornament
Sister love! Photos and paper word cut outs.

Sledding Photo Christmas Ornament
Caught grandpa acting like a kid! Now we can remind him of this fun time every year!

Embroidered Cross Stitch Christmas ornament
Do you love to stitch? Oversize ornaments make the perfect frame for your works of art!

Sports Bottle Cap ornaments
Swimming bottle cap ornament.

Vintage Photos in bottle caps
Display your vintage photos in oversize bottle caps. Add some ribbon or yarn. Beautiful! I love this idea. RECOMMENDATION: make a copy of your precious photos to use in the ornament.

That's it! Have fun! Comment below of post on our social media pages if you have any more crafy ideas!